[Taklimakan Blog] JumpNet, Enjin and Ludena Can Reduce Energy Consumption Through New Consensus Mechanism

GameTalkTalk, the largest social gaming app in South Korea, has begun using the Enjin blockchain platform to create low-carbon non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Games company Ludena Protocol is trying to attract new users by tokenizing fashion, furniture and pets, according to a press release.

The topic of NFTs has been controversial lately due to their large carbon footprint created through the consensus-building process in the proofreading mechanism. JumpNet, Enjin, and Ludena say that by leveraging Enjin’s interoperable networking and scaling solution, they can reduce energy consumption through a relatively new consensus mechanism.

The mechanism known as PoA refers to an exclusively allowed state in which only invited parties can participate as nodes on a private blockchain. By using PoA, companies claim to be able to reduce power consumption by 99.98% compared to other networks such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Simon Kertonegoro, VP of Success Development at Enjin, said the cost of developing an NFT is a tax for both the user and the environment.



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